Is Your Google Account Hacked? Take a 60-second Google security check

The memory of a caller from my nationwide radio show lingers—a person seeking advice because their sibling fell victim to a $450,000 scam.

Misplaced trust led them astray, a situation not unique by any means. Often, individuals remain oblivious to being deceived until it’s too late.

Then, signs began to emerge. Perhaps you’ve dispatched a series of gift card codes or detected unfamiliar emails in your sent folder.

In more dire circumstances, you might receive a notification about a loan applied for under your name. Valuable advice: This is why it’s essential to obtain your complimentary annual credit report.

Equally important is ensuring the security of your Google account. A mere minute is all it takes to reveal who has access to your account. Optimistically, the sole possessor is you.

I will demonstrate how to uncover digital indicators indicating unauthorized access to your account.

However, the utility of this advice extends beyond just detecting hackers; it’s also effective for identifying potential intruders.

Suspect a friend or family member is prying into your Google or Gmail account? Let’s uncover their tracks.