Luis Rubiales, president of the Spanish FA, has refused to resign despite widespread criticism for kissing World Cup star Jenni Hermoso on the lips

Rubiales doubled down on his position in a chaotic press conference, saying that he would fight to clear his name in court if necessary and calling out a “false feminism” witch hunt for the criticism

The Spanish FA has been under fire for its handling of the women’s national team, and Rubiales has been accused of sexism and misogyny.

The kiss on Hermoso’s lips was seen by many as a power play and a violation of her personal space.

The crotch grabbing incident was seen as even more egregious, as it was done in front of the Queen and her daughter.

Rubiales’ refusal to resign has only further angered critics, who are calling for him to be removed from office. It remains to be seen whether he will be able to weather the storm and keep his job.

He emphatically stated to the crowd that he would not resign, repeating himself multiple times. His statement was met with applause from some in the audience.